Warranty Policy

Should one of our products not function as expected please send a copy of the proof of purchase and a filled out Return Merchandise form to info@speeddemonlights.com
Once received we will contact you with the next steps.
Warranty is void if any of the following has occurred:
  1. Unable to produce copy of original invoice
  2. Removal of the light’s waterproof DT connector 
  3. Damage beyond reasonable wear and tear
Return shipping for warranty claims is handled by the dealer. Replacement products will be sent pre-paid by Speed Demon Lights 
In the cases of discontinued products, the dollar value of the light will be credited to the dealers account.

*Products purchased prior to February 1, 2015 have a 2 year warranty and do not qualify for a Lifetime Warranty.


Speed Demon Lights is not responsible for any damage caused to your vehicle, its headlights, or any injury that may result due to modification and/or improper installation of any of our product's. You should be aware that all modifications to headlights may put them out of compliance with regulatory laws governing vehicle lighting in your city/state/Province/Country and therefore many of the products we sell are designed for off-road use only.